Quick and versatile, our professional-grade paint sprayers offer the efficient, effective coverage you’re looking for. Paint sprayers do a better job on many projects and get the work done faster.

As a professional, you want the right tools for the job. Whether you need a paint sprayer to apply an even coating to uneven surfaces, create a mirror-like finish or simply reduce the turnaround time on larger jobs, Preston Paints carries a wide range of professional-grade paint sprayers and accessories that will help you boost productivity and leave more money in your pocket.

Pro Tip

Consider what you’ll be spraying, and what finish you plan to use. Paint sprayers vary in the thickness of the finish they can handle, the overspray they produce and the amount of paint they deliver. Choose a sprayer with enough pressure to handle thick paints or stains that is up to the specific task from a reputable manufacturer like Graco, Titan or Tritech. Don’t forget the gun tips – these will help you to change the volume and shape of the fan of paint, helping you control the overspray.

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The inventors of the first portable airless paint sprayer, Graco continues to innovate, delivering the high performance and maximum productivity you need in your business. Graco offers a wide range of paint sprayers in a variety of configurations to meet your needs, each delivering the best combination of speed and a high-quality finish, ensuring a uniform and flawless coat of paint coverage on all surfaces inside and out. Built in the USA, Graco’s high-quality sprayers are factory tested, field-proven and backed by the best warranty in the business. Sure to maximize your productivity, Graco’s high-performance paint sprayers are available in battery, electric or gas-powered versions.


Delivering a versatile combination of power and speed on the job site to help contractors reduce project timelines and achieve better results, Titan’s products offer unbeatable power, speed and control to help get the job done right the first time. Built for maximum durability, Titan sprayers are available in electric- and gas-powered airless models as well as air-powered. Titan has the right paint sprayer to cover any application, including sprayers designed for specific tasks such as pavement marking, textures, field marking and fine finishes.


The Tritech professional line of airless spray equipment utilizes precision motor control to perform at maximum efficiency with a consistent spray pattern at all pressure settings. Engineered for peak durability, Tritech’s machines are manufactured with high-grade stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. Designed to work under higher pressure, these high-quality products allow for a broader range of use cases and applications. Featuring lightweight guns with carefully balanced handles for precision, Tritech also offers a wide range of accessories including tips, high-pressure fittings, extensions and adaptors.

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